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DK Harmoni is an event-organizer specialized in organizing classical guitar events in Indonesia, established by two Indonesian classical guitar aficionados, Daniel Tjahja and Kusumo Sutowo, both of whom are also playing the classical guitar as amateurs. They have seen the positive progress of classical guitar abroad (Japan, USA, Singapore, Thailand), and they have a dream that classical guitar in Indonesia will progress similarly in the near future. (2014-2016, Discontinued for reason: Event is off for a moment)

Sylvia Lilien provide various types of quality bed linen high for all the needs of the look and quality of your bed linen. Bed linen online sales concept, Sylvia tried to spoil all at once make it easier for customers to shop at our online store. Comfort and safety is our duty so as to create a good relationship between seller and buyers. (2014-2017, Discontinued for reason: don't have a web manager)

Untung Suropati Catholic Junior High School is a favorite school in Sidoarjo (2014-2017, Discontinued for reason: Headmaster has been changed)

Chiarohotel Chiaro Hotel (CH) is a one-star clean and comfortable family hotel in Sidoarjo. Established in 2015, CH provides not only clean and comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms but also a mini-café, meeting room, and a boutique.

Located on Jl. Trunojoyo 17, Sidoarjo, it is near downtown and Jl. Ahmad Yani, where banking centers are situated. It is also near churches like Gereja Katolik Santa Maria Annutiata, Gereja Kristen Indonesia (GKI), and GPIB Bethesda.

CH, and is also close to Rohmmatul Umah, a place for wedding reception. We are also located near residential areas, such as Bluru Permai and Bumi Citra Fajar. So, CH is the right choice for every person or family who needs a clean and comfortable yet affordable accommodation. (2016-2017, Discontinued for reason: don't have a web manager)

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